Devine Hope Upendo Education & Empoverment Centre.


Newest addition of supported programs in Tanzania.

I will noww try to introduce to ypu a school in Mwanza Tanzania.
I have been friends ith the founder Broder Jacob Odiwa and try  
to help him with incuragement and mental support.
Building a school n a country like Tanzania can be a huge challenge
and a man like Broder Jaob can need all the help he can get.
School business in Tanzania, is as the word says, a business and have
to be treated as sutch.

This create a problem when a person like broder Jacob have decided to 
provide quality education to orphants and children from the poorest homes.
Te largest hurdle must bee that this pupis do not have the capeblities
like others to pay schoo fee´s, that of cause create a probem for the
educaters and the school management, because how can you create a financial
base for a schoo that have pupills that are not capable f paing.

This is where a business part of the school have to expand, that is exactly
what we are trying to do in DHUEEC. 
We wil in the future be seeking business opportunities hat can be started 
and run by the school and where the profit from the business wwi be used to
run the school.

I do support Brother Jacob in this strategy and we wil be working on
expanding the business part of the scool.

Personal oppinion Croyuntry growth

The author´s personal opinion concerning what most people call development, I call it government-controlled growth in the national economy.

This is the way for poor countries to control their own growth and direction the social and political norms of the country can be controlled by the country’s government with as little influence from other countries and possible.


The picture is showing an example of the kind of machinery, that is needed in agriculture, but an investment like this should only be made if the increase in yield can cover the cost of this, and create a profit that includes the extra cost of running and maintain this equipment. An increased consumption to the farmer must be considered necessary for sustainable growth and healthy financial investment.


Better harvest

About my friend and Director of the organisation, Better Harvest Organisation in Arusha Tanzania. Mr Filbert Shundu.

I admire you and the Team of people that you lead. I admire the huge work you do in farming progress and mechanisation in order to improve the lives of the rural farmer families in northern Tanzania. I find it very interesting that you are able to help several agro universities in the so called developed world with internships for veterinary medicine students.

I will come back with more about you.

Peace for Conservation.

Greeting to my Frind

David Kabambo

Director PFC

  • After Request, I will try to explain my role by PFC.

It is important to me that my friends know why I do this and how I do it. I understand Davids question to me as a search for an answer to the reason why I don´t write Projects and don´t send applications for grants and other sorts of financial support.

If I started on this, it would automatically become my Danish way of thinking that would influence everything, that would make me unfaithful to my own ideas about the Tanzanians being able to say, we develop our country OUR WAY.

I am therefore taking a role of something familiar in Tanzania and rooted deeply in the culture of the country. I am trying to be what you already call me. I see myself first and almost as a Babu that most of the time don´t interfere but always are in the background if needed.

A correct Babu will help and guide his family with wisdom and understanding, he will with love and understanding guide the younger generations.

I will now draw the attention to the fact that I write guide the young people, not doing their work for them. My dear friend I have to say this, and it is addressed to you, but it goes for all my apprentices in Tanzania. I see you all as my children and grandchildren and try to act accordingly in my connection with you all.